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Our Team

When business owners begin to consider implementing a retirement plan, they are often unsure of how to proceed. In order to make a fully informed decision regarding the specifications of the "optimum" plan for their business, they must consult with someone who is completely familiar with the full range of plan designs available. This is where the technical expertise of Advantage Benefits Consultants comes to the rescue.

Our Process

At Advantage Benefits Consultants, we begin our design and consulting services by reviewing your specific needs and objectives. 


Based on this analysis and the demographics of your organization, we then customize our recomendations to meet your goals within the voluminous rules and regulations surrounding qualified retirement plans.

Services and Solutions

Here at Advantage Benefits we offer a number of services designed in order to help ensure the design and implementation of the plans best suited to your needs.

  • Analysis of alternative retirement plans

  • Recommendations on plans suited to meet your objectives

  • Annual Plan Administration

In order to ensure your plans are all up to date and in line with their primary objectives we at Advantage Benefits offer a number of support services to meet your needs.

  • Preparation of Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions

  • Preparation of Custom Plan Communication Services

  • Plan Terminaton Services

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