Reporting Solutions 

In general, the plan services we provide are categorized into two groups - plans that are valued annually, and plans that are valued at specific intervals throughout the plan year. Our standard services packages for annually valued plans include one set of reports for the entire year, and for all other plans include monthly contribution reporting, quarterly plan activity and valuation reporting, and annual government reporting. Upon a client's request, the reporting packages produced can include any number of custom reports. If the standard packages do not completely meet your needs, a member of our staff will gladly discuss the production of a custom report for your plan.

Plan Activity/Valuation Reporting

Contribution Investment Activity - These reports include a summary by contribution type and a detailed listing of each employee's contribution amount and investment selections, also by contribution type. These reports can be produced on a per-payroll basis by client request.


Other Activity - Investment fund transfers, distributions, rollover contributions, and any other plan investment activities are generally reported on an as needed basis. When these types of transactions are processed, an internal report is generated and the activity is then reflected in the Valuation Report.


Valuations - These reports include a summary of activity within the plan's investments, a summary of activity within the plan's money types, a listing of activity within each participant's account (broken down by investment selection within money type), and a listing of each employee's activity within the reporting period.

Participant Account Reporting

Participant Account reports include a "Statement of Account" and a summary memorandum. The Statement includes all activity broken down by investment selection within money type for the reporting period; the summary memorandum typically includes an analysis of the investment experience for each of the investment funds and the experience of various market indicators for the same reporting period. Generally, these statements are provided to the client with the corresponding Plan Valuation Report. However, upon the client's request, these statements can be mailed directly to the participant's homes.