Hard Copy

All of the necessary information can be photocopied and sent directly to us, either via email, fax, overnight delivery, or the U.S. Mail.


Payroll - Usually it is unnecessary for an employer to produce a separate report in order to provide us with payroll data, as sufficient reports are often already supplied by the payroll service or department. However, in some instances a payroll service or department will need to produce a separate report which summarizes the pertinent data for a specific period.


Census - Census data can be provided through the payroll service, if that data is kept current and accurate throughout the year. However, it may be necessary to provide that data separately, as a report produced from the internal Human Resources database.


Investments - Some investment companies will provide for a second copy of statements to be sent directly to a Third Party Administrator. If this option is acceptable to you, we will be happy to provide the necessary forms or letters to initiate the process. If not, we will gladly accept photocopies or facsimiles of these statements.